Press Release: By Light Chief Strategy Office Promotes Growth and Innovation, Announces Multiple Promotions

“By Light Professional IT Services LLC is investing in its people with a series of promotions to further its strategic growth and solidify its brand as a leader in IT solutions for government and commercial clients. By Light’s promoted several employees who are trailblazers in their fields to positions within the Chief Strategy Office to further its goal of maximizing innovation, research, and development across the company’s broad portfolio.”

“Lucy Donahue leads By Light’s new department as Chief Strategy Officer. She has served on By Light’s senior management team and as a leader in the Federal Healthcare procurement industry for more than 20 years. As CSO, Lucy will define the innovative vision, corporate positioning, and strategic partnerships to keep By Light ahead of the curve in technology and customer relationships across a wide span of industries and around the globe.”

“Tom Ryan serves as Chief Technology Officer, Strategic Innovation. Tom’s 33 years of high-tech experience, most recently as a Vice President overseeing By Light’s Software Development Center of Excellence, was key to his new position selection. Tom’s new role is to manage the next-generation of DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) software factories, integration hubs, and innovation cells. Tom plans to bring his vast practical experience to bear and lead By Light to the forefront of technology and procurement.”

“Bill Sackewitz was promoted to Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation. Bill’s expertise in Cloud Services, DevSecOps, and Design Thinking coupled with his 25 years of Agile Product Delivery experience made him a natural fit for his new position. Bill oversees By Light’s Digital Transformation to mature and expand best practices and core competencies across the enterprise with the goal to deliver custom digital solutions that are accessible, usable, and enjoyable. Bill is introducing new ways of working that set the standard for By Light’s product growth and engineering capabilities.”

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